Intern Patrick Jaeger connecting juice hoses.  

Marlborough New Zealand

 February-April 2015

The grape harvest in Marlborough, New Zealand starts in late February.  The region is known for producing huge quantities of inexpensive Sauvignon blanc.  Wineries operate 24 hours a day and employ small armies of interns to get the wine made.   The following photos were taken over the course of a 6-week night shift (7pm to 7am) in the cellar of a large Sauvignon blanc producer.  

The Grape receiving bay.  Dump trucks filled with Sauvignon blanc grapes made deliveries to the winery 24 hours a day.
Intern Brian cleaning  the presses
Intern Joonas Saarinen operating the Presses
The chaos of winemaking.  That's concentrated sodium hydroxide spraying towards the camera at the bottom of the image.
Intern Patrick Jaeger hiding in the Press
Interns Patrick Jaeger and Joonas Saarinen cleaning out the juice filter
The Juice filtration team posing for a photo
The Juice filtration team from above. 
Brian standing on a conveyor belt
The crush pad team having a tidy up in the marc bay
Intern Patrick Jaeger doing something incredibly dangerous
Intern Elias Cuscuna cleaning out the destemmer
Intern Patrick Jaeger misplaces his pants.  
Sunrise signaling the end of another night shift.  Time to head home for some rest.
Interns celebrating the end of Vintage
Intern Patrick Jaeger swings from a rope with supervisor Dan watching approvingly
Sunrise signaling the end of another night shift.  Time to head home for some rest.